Random Thoughts While Riding The Exercise Bike in The Gym

by Tommy Paley

Tommy Paley


Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

I must have really screwed up in a past life.

The wheels on the bike go round and round.

My origin story starts here.

I’d almost consider myself attractive if not for the disgusting pool of sweat accumulating under and all around me.

Fly young pigeon.

Just think, it could be worse, I could be cleaning the oven like my wife has nagged me for the past month.

I’ve never felt so alive! (damn that’s sad)

I need to stop weeping when I exercise, others are starting to stare.

Ponies are so cute, I could eat them up. Not literally, I mean unless I was that hungry.

I want to write a story solely comprised of adverbs and punctuation marks.

I’m sure all of the hot, fit and young people working out around me are ugly on the inside.

Wow, biking in the gym is for losers!



Tommy Paley

I write creative non-fiction, humorous and random short stories, unique and tasty recipes and fiction involving odd and funny relationships. I also love cheese.